Images and videos from the DLD conference

(Founders of DLD, Stephanie Czerny and Dr. Marcel Reichart)

Just wanted to let you know that my images from DLD 2009 is up. Feel free to use them according to the creative commons license. Lots of famous internet personalities in there.

Last year I went to DLD for the first time. Rodrigo had told me it was a good conference, but I was blown away by the quality of the sessions and the speakers.

So when I suddenly got an invite this year as well it was no question about going to Munich or not. If you get an invitation to DLD you go! And of course my expectations where very high this time.

Slightly disappointed by some of the sessions at day one. But a disappointment that disappeared quickly. DLD is without any doubt still one of the best conferences I go to. And part of the fun? I don’t know if I’ll get an invite next year…

All the videos from this years conference is up. And here are some of my recommendations:

Knowledge in the Age of Abundance – David Weinberger

On Creative Commons – Joi Ito

About Robotics – Dan Dubno, Raffaello D’Andrea, Roth & Tevet, Sergej Lupashin, Amir Shapiro

New Media Models – Jochen Wegner, Jeff Jarvis, Tyler Brulé, Carolyn McCall, Michael Arrington

And my favourite quote from the whole conference is in this session. On the mandatory finishing question: “what will you do in five years?” Mike Arrington: “I hope I’ll be living on an island somewhere and have nothing to do with this conference”. And that’s after he has been telling Tyler Brulé and Carolyn McCall that they’re working on dying old media that will never work. More or less all the way through the discussion. And mostly I agree with him.

But, Tyler Brulé gets the best finishing line ever: “I’ve already bought my own island. And I did that with money from old media.”

(Mike Arrington)


A bonus video. Yossi and Gabemac conducting:

Direct link to video on YouTube
Download this video in HD.

Images and videos from the DLD conference

Digital Life Design 08

Thanks to Rodrigo I’ve been invited to DLD 08. A quick look at the program, and I immediately get high expectations: Jimmy Wales, Jason Calacanis, David Kirkpatrick, Matt Cohler, John Maeda, Caterina Fake, Martha Stewart, Niklas Zennström, Jeff Jarvis, Marissa Mayer, Bradley Horowitz, Naomi Campbell… Wow.

But if you want me to report on any particular speaker have a look at the program and give me a comment. I will for sure attend to the presentations by the people I’ve mentioned above, but there’s a lot of great speakers I don’t know immediately by name, so please help me. Do you see anyone in the program that I shouldn’t miss?

Digital Life Design 08