Digital Life Design 08

Thanks to Rodrigo I’ve been invited to DLD 08. A quick look at the program, and I immediately get high expectations: Jimmy Wales, Jason Calacanis, David Kirkpatrick, Matt Cohler, John Maeda, Caterina Fake, Martha Stewart, Niklas Zennström, Jeff Jarvis, Marissa Mayer, Bradley Horowitz, Naomi Campbell… Wow.

But if you want me to report on any particular speaker have a look at the program and give me a comment. I will for sure attend to the presentations by the people I’ve mentioned above, but there’s a lot of great speakers I don’t know immediately by name, so please help me. Do you see anyone in the program that I shouldn’t miss?

Digital Life Design 08

NetCamp – Presentation and images

First of all I want to say thank you to the organizers, the speakers and the audience. Great people. I learnt a lot during the conference and had a great time in Bucharest. Both of the speakers dinners and all the socializing between sessions where very rewarding. And I learnt that in Romania there are two utterly evil Pigeons that want to end the world. Fantastic.

In the image: Hugh MacLeod

Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to attend all the sessions. When speaking at conferences there’s always some time spent preparing, talking to journalists and answering questions. But I managed to attend some of the sessions close to the one I was speaking in and experienced the entertaining and interesting session from Mr. Hugh MacLeod about social objects and the secret of the Kula.

Miel Van Opstal gave valuable advice regarding social media, marketing, and the very important word FRAM. Friend Spam. You know. All those irritating invites and all that crap. From your own friends.

In the image: Miel Van Opstal

Mr. Rodrigo Schultz shared his experience creating a successful company: don’t talk to venture capitalists. If they really knew what was going on they would have been entrepeneurs. Wouldn’t they? And scale your system. On the internet you can go from utterly unknown to utterly known in a matter of minutes. And remember that you’re global from day one.

In the image: Rodrigo Schultz

Measuring by the response from the audience, comments here on eirikso and the people I have talked to it seems like my presentation was very popular as well. I appreciate that. It’s always difficult to know what will be the right focus depending on the audience. My presentation is now up on slideshare. My style leaves most of the information to what I am saying on stage, but I have included relevant links to give it value even for the people that didn’t attend. I did 85 slides in exactly 36 minutes.

You find my Flickr set here and the same images on SmugMug here. On SmugMug you can buy the originals for professional use as well. And please let me know if anyone want high resolution copies for non commercial or personal use.

On my way to the airport I was lucky enough to get a quick ride through parts of town. Snapping some images and finally having a glimpse of more than the Howard Johnson and the traffic jam from the airport. Guess I’ll have to come back to Romania during summer some time!

NetCamp – Presentation and images

Netcamp – And another gadget for your presentations

On tuesday I leave for Bucharest to speak at NetCamp. I like speaking at events like these, so I look forward to that, but I’ll also try to attend as much as possible of the rest of the conference. Including extremely interesting people like Hugh MacLeod of Gapingvoid and Rodrigo Sepulveda Schulz of

Depending on connectivity and available time I’ll try to post some updates during my trip.

And now. The gadget. An addition to the rest of the essential equipment for your presentations. The unbalanced stereo audio output on any laptop always provide you with a bit of noise. Enough to make it really annoying in big theatres with huge sound systems. You don’t want that noise in the speakers when presenting and unless the audio system at the venue filters it out it will be there as long as your laptop is connected.

This noise won’t go away if you turn down the volume or mute the laptop. As long as that unbalanced minijack is connected you’ll have the noise.

Now connect a small and very cheap external volume control. And you can pump up the volume to the max from your laptop and turn it down again on that external volume knob. Unless you need insane amount of volume you’ll be able to supress some of the noise with this method. The one in the image is from my favourite store in Oslo. Clas Ohlson. Geek store numero uno.

Netcamp – And another gadget for your presentations