DXO Optics Pro Rocks!

I have written about how to correct Fisheye images in this blog before. Now the team behind DXO Optics Pro have built support for the combination of Canon 5D MarkII and my Canon 15 mm f2.8 Fisheye.

And look no further. The best fisheye correction you can get is here. DXO analyze the different lenses in detail. On the specified camera. So you need to check if they have a module for your lens / camera combination. But if they have, DXO does the best corrections possible.

My original image

Original Fisheye Image

Corrected with DXO Optics pro

DXO Optics Defish

Corrected with DXO Optics Pro with new aspect

DXO Optics Defish Wide

All sorts of corrections

I’ve just scratched the surface of this program. It does all kinds of advanced corrections. Here is my old test image from the 50mm f1.4.

Original 100% crop at f1.4


Any chance that DXO can do something with this total mess of optic errors?

100% crop at f1.4 corrected with DXO


Pretty impressive! But before you run out buying crappy lenses thinking that you can save everything in DXO, have a look at the same image snapped at f5.6:


Proper optics out there in the field is the best way to go. But so far I’m impressed with DXO. It’s worth the fisheye correction on my 15mm alone!

DXO Optics Pro Rocks!

9 thoughts on “DXO Optics Pro Rocks!

  1. I have been using DxO for several years, and there is no other converter that does the same. Great program, love it. I use it for my Canon Eos cameras but it even does wonder with images from my new Canon G10.

  2. logicalnot says:

    Ok – Great. DXO rocks. Now the REAL question: what is that “machine” on the counter? An automatic mixer? A fancy fridge?

  3. martin says:

    hi eirikso,
    may I ask your opinion about something?
    On one hand, one can have a wide angle lens, say, 15mm and make a picture. On the other hand, one can have a fisheye lens, also 15mm. After the correction with DxO as you describe, is the picture the same? I’m talking about field of view, not quality or the likes.
    Thanks in advance!

  4. This might help:

    “Executive Summary. The 15mm fisheye allows significantly greater angle-of-view than a 14mm rectilinear. The angle is so wide that flash coverage requires special attention. With computer software, the fisheye view can be changed to rectilinear, if desired.”

    He used crop cameras, so I don’t know how the situation is regarding a fullframe camera like my 5D2.

  5. martin says:

    Thanks a lot for the info. Now I have to get my head around the different alternatives (for Nikon DX) but I think I am going to get the Tokina 10-17mm.

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