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This is Eirik Solheim’s prize winning experiment. I use this page to share information about media, marketing, technology, photography and stuff I find important. I have been running this page since 2003. And since I started using Statcounter in 2005 more than 2 million people have visited my site.

It is important that you understand that this blog is my own space. The opinions and content that I publish here should not be read as official opinions of my current or my former places of work!

Photo: Borut Peterlin / Mladina

I use it to experiment with web technologies and to get in touch with interesting and intelligent people from all over the planet.

I have read somewhere that the most successful blogs out there have many short posts. Well, eirikso.com will never be successful. I am going to keep on posting few, relatively long posts. Basically, I try to concentrate on quality, not quantity.

There are already insane amounts of information out there, why should I bother you with something that I didn’t find seriously interesting? If you choose to subscribe to my feed I will not overload you with posts. When something shows up, it should be interesting.

79 thoughts on “About

  1. Stephan says:

    Hi Eirik,

    Congrats on your blog. A lot of nice photography!

    Would you be interested in testing Yokway? We are in private beta and your contribution would be valuable.


  2. Marlyn says:

    I feel I was meant to log on to the web at 5AM and instantly find your video on You Tube. It was a brilliant experiment and beautiful. I miss the four seasons and this gives me a reason to return to the midwest soon (after the winter of course). Congratulations from Tucson, AZ.

  3. Hi Eirik,

    The seasons work is stunning. I saw it first on my iPhone last night just before
    I went to bed. As so often happens a great idea came to me just as I was falling

    Next year we are launching an important new seminar called ‘The Big Weekend’

    In the spirit if the best of personal development it is designed to help folks
    get rid of some of their baggage and move towards their goals.

    In the program, there is a segment where the trainer talks about the ‘seasons’ of our lives and it would be incredible to run one of your films.

    Is that something you would consider allowing? As a thank you we could offer some tickets to the program not only to you, but some for readers of your blog…

    Let me know – Best – Seymour

  4. Joe says:

    Your 40 second time lapse was just shown on KGO-TV Ch 7 in San Francisco, California USA – as a closing news feature for 2008. Congratulations and Happy New Year!!

  5. I happened on your 40-second time lapse video of 2008 completely by chance. It’s beautiful, as so many of us appreciated it. Thank you and best wishes to you in 2009 with everything and especially with beautiful projects like this! -Micaela

  6. Really like your four seasons video. Would like to include it on the developing Mid-Atlantic Primitive Skills website. Although not a non-profit, all profit from the site (currently $0…) will go to maintaining the site and for organizing seasonal events (I have a real j-o-b, it is essentially a work of love).

    I was impressed with the video’s depth.

    Even if your permission is not forth coming I appreciate your work.



  7. Rammo says:

    Amazing amazing amazing!
    I had the thought to try and create the same effect using pictures of my new born son but he’s likely to move even more than the trees 🙂
    If you can think of a way to achieve the same effect for a growing baby I would love to give it a go!

  8. Alan says:

    To eirikso :
    Hi eirikso, my name is Alan. i come from Malaysia, the video is really amaze and stunning. we hope that you can produces this kind of video more.Its gives us a chance to know the beauty of Norway. we do appreciate.
    haha….but…the 40seconds is too short for me.

    Best regards,

  9. Anja and Vanessa says:

    Hey eirikso,

    your video “a year in 40 seconds” is great! We are very impressed and your seasonal observations inspired us to write a poem.
    So, are you able to send us the complete version of the video (in high quality if possible)?

    We are looking forward to work with you.

    Kind regards.
    Anja and Vanessa
    from Germany.

  10. Hi Eirikso
    We are featuring an article on time lapse photography in a future issue of EOS magazine (www.eos-magazine.com). Would it be possible to use your copy and images as part of the article? Of course, we would be happy to pay you for it in line with our usual rates (which are not astronomic, I’m afraid). Also, could we put the video on our website?
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards
    Angela August, Editor

  11. Hi Eirikso
    We are featuring an article on time lapse photography in a future issue of EOS magazine (www.eos-magazine.com). Would it be possible to use your copy and images as part of the article? Of course, we would be happy to pay you for it in line with our usual rates (which are not astronomic, I’m afraid). Also, could we put the video on our website?
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards
    Angela August, Editor

  12. Mr. Solheim,

    I have a client who may be interested in displaying your “one year in 40 seconds” on his website. He would have no trouble linking to you but we were wondering if you would provide us the animation so we can host it on the site. This will help ensure that we never have a broken link should you choose to take it down at some point. By the way, what an amazing piece of work! Please contact me if possible.

  13. Rei Myoijin says:

    Mr. Solheim,

    I know we should not use the video for commercial uses, but I was wondering if a Music Video would be considered “commercial”. It’s on the thin line of being professional and being a hobby. I only have 4 months to make this video and there’s no way we can make a year worth of a time lapse in that amount of time.
    E-mail me if you’d like to hear the music at Catz0112@gmail.com

    Lots of Love,

  14. Bruce says:

    I’d like to use the ‘year in 40 seconds’ piece for a chaplain’s retreat that I am working on. I am a real rookie in some of the tech stuff and need simple instruction on how I can download this for playing on my Mac. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  15. Or… simply download from this link:

    [video src="http://eirikso2.com/seasons/10mm_Seasons_2008-720HD.mp4" /]

    Right click and choose “save as…”

  16. Eirik, impressive work. I would like to use a plain screendump of your photos in a presentation for a potential customer. Your way of observing and capturing different moments is spot on regarding this customers product offering.

    I´ll be in touch.

    regards, Jon Fredø/Creo Communication

  17. Martina Martinez says:

    Hi Eirik,
    Just come across your video and I think it’s amazing!I’m in university and as part of a project for one of my classes we are doing a video for youtube. Would it be possible to use it?
    Let me know,

  18. xolu says:


    Your year in 40 seconds video is awesome and breath-taking. I would like to use it as part of a time-lapse video project I am doing. It’s all personal and non-commercial for my friends in a reunion we will be having.

    I would greatly appreciate your permission. Please let me know.


  19. Marianne Selvik says:

    Det har virket tidligere, så jeg prøver igjen: Jeg har sendt deg en ny melding på den eposten du brukte forrige gang. Håper på svar!

    Vennlig hilsen
    Marianne Selvik

  20. Marianne Selvik says:

    Hei, Eirik

    I slutten av januar sendte jeg deg en bekreftelse på foredrag på Mikromarc brukermøte for folkebibliotek 24. september 2010. Håper du har notert deg det. Nå trenger vi en tittel på foredraget og tre-fire inspirerende 😉 linjer om hva foredraget handler om. Dette sender vi ut til brukerne våre sammen med invitasjonen til brukermøtet.

    Vennlig hilsen Marianne Selvik, Mikromarc folkestyre

  21. Raymond Kahaya says:

    Hey i like this…its so cool.Lokk um jst doin my IGCSE and doing an art project about forests in different seasons….i would to use some of your forest pictures..

  22. Sophie says:

    I am presenting an entry called ‘a dress for all seasons’ in a wearable arts competition and have been looking for time lapse pictures of changing seasons to use as the backdrop. Your’s are fantastic and exactly what I am looking for, can I have your permission to use them? They really complement the outfit and music and would be much appreciated.

  23. William DeSilvey says:

    May I link your site from my blog? I sorta have a political statement thing going with it, but I like that you just have really neat stuff!
    Thanks for your time and consideration!
    Sincerely and God Bless,
    William R. “BillD” DeSilvey

  24. Eric – I would very much like to buy the right to your year’s photos for my website – where I use the seasons passing for on the pages (you can see on the site) – but yours much more beautiful.

  25. Hi Eirik,
    Congratulations for your fantastic work and for sharing it under a CC licence. I am the scientific advisor and documentalist for Nueve ojos, a production company in Barcelona. We are creating all audiovisual contents for a new exhibition at the Barcelona Natural Sciences Museum. The museum is a nonprofit educational organization and of course we make no profit from the material we get copyfree. We are creating an animation about the physiological changes hapenning on a tree during the four seasons. I was searching for images of the same forest at every season and I found your video. We would really like to include your video in the animation. The idea is to show in the lower part of the animation the video and in the upper part the physiological changes on animated tree with roots and leaves. Can we use your video and 1 image of each season if, as required, we give credit by showing your web site address at the end of the animation?

    Kind regards,


    Ricardo Mutuberria
    nueve ojos
    692 631 608
    C/ Joan d’Austria, 95 · 3º 4ª
    Barcelona 08018
    Tel: (+34) 931 797 517

    Museum web site: http://w3.bcn.es/V65/Home/V65XMLHomeLinkPl/0,4555,418159056_418821094_2,00.html

  26. Laura says:

    Hello Eric,

    We are interesting in your video “one year in 40 seconds”, we can it use in a promo video in Mexico City for a month, please let me know How we can obtain? What it’s the cost? and we can download from your page?
    Thanks, I’ll waiting for your answer

  27. No problem. It’s $99,- for commercial use and you can buy a full quality file with no watermark here:
    [video src="https://files.dreamhost.com/121678/OneYear40seconds1920x1080.30p.H264.mp4" /]

  28. Dag M Faannessen (@dagmf) says:

    Please let me know where you want me to post a complaint regarding your blog updates this year. Few and far between is not the new loud – as a longtime reader do I demand more action – step it you please 🙂

  29. Hello,
    I contact you about your wonderful video OneYear40seconds. I work in a nature reserve near Le Mans in France. We will open a museum of the forest in 2013. We would like to use your video in the middle of our computer animations. The entry will not be free but will be inexpensive ($ 3). I saw that video was costing $ 99. We are a public park and we can not pay by credit card. We need to pay to a bank account with a quote request (name, surmane, adress, phone number). How can we do?
    Cedric lebreton

  30. Esben Rasmussen says:


    I’m building an education ipad app for kinder garden and would like to use your image work of seasons changing in the app.

    The app will be free of charge and downloadable in all countries.

    Would this be okay?

    Kind regards,


  31. Petter Guttormsen says:

    Kjempeflott video du har lagd der man ser 1 år på to minutter. Jeg har et ønske om å lage en slik selv av der jeg bor. Hva slags kamera har du brukt? Hvordan setter du det opp? Håper å få litt tips fra deg.
    Petter Guttormsen

  32. I support primary school teachers in England and we are about to have a new curriculum for science which involves children making observations about how the world changes over the course of a year. I was about to embark on my own time lapse photography when I decided to see what was out there first. I came across your video and photos and would really like to be able to show these to teachers. Would it be OK to do this? Can I put it on my website also? Also I could not find out where the photos were taken or what type of trees they were. Can you tell me this?

  33. Hi Eirik,

    I would like to kindly ask for your kind permission to use one of your timelapse videos. We would like to kindly incorporate it in
    a video that we are doing for primary students here in Singapore. The video is all about weather and climate.

    Hope to hear from you.


  34. Hi, We are an institute dedicated to water research in Mexico. I work in the communication area and we are opening a new channel on YouTube dedicated to children and young people and it is about everything about water. In our first program we have a section about climate and It would be wonderful to use your “A year in 40 seconds” video to illustrate the difference between time and climate. Can I have your permission to use it?

    Thanks in advance,

    Humberto Luna

  35. Amit says:

    We are a group of friends starting a social platform on internet to promote carbon neutral lifestyle. Can we use your video, if yes how do I download it.

  36. ifcawebster says:

    I wish to use your time lapse 4 season video as background for a video I’m creating for a nonprofit church organization. How do I get permission and access?

  37. Hello Eirik. I’ve just embedded your masterpiece “One year in two minutes” to a youtube video of mine with hopefuly all attributions given. I have sent the video link for your observation to your mail address mentioned on this page. Wishing you all the colourful best!

  38. Ted Hoppe says:

    Hi Eirik. I was reflecting on the use of trees. I borrowed your lovely footage as a quick thought provoking video reflecting on seasons and trees seen in old divinity. It is in my private youtube folder. Hope that is cool. all the best. Ted

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