Some food with all the technology

Right now I have quite a bit of Norwegian visitors coming over from the election of the best norwegian blogs over at Dagbladet. My blog has been nominated in the technology category. And yes, I am a geek. Still, I am seriously interested in what we eat and drink.

So, to compensate for all the technology I invite my norwegian readers over to my Norwegian Food Blog as well. For my international readers I give you a possibility to take a coffee break or maybe make some fantastic mustard.

For the people that still don’t care about all this food you can have a look at another interesting post on technology issues:
Hackers predicted the future of Apple back in 1999

Some food with all the technology

The Champagne Blog up and running

Bernt and Bjarne has started a very important blog. The Champagne Blog. It will be interesting to see what they will bring. You can already learn how to sabre a bottle of sparkling beverage, and it will be interesting to follow their experiment on how to turn cheap white wine into a sparkling beauty. 🙂

If you want to try to sabre a bottle of champagne, it might be smart to start out with something that’s not too expensive. However, we don’t want to drink bad champagne, so it has to be a good one. I can recommend Tarlant Brut Zero. An excellent budget champagne. If you happen to live in Norway the product number at the Norwegian Vinmonopolet is 4673801. And the price is a ridiculous NOK 215,-

Still, if you want to do your training on something even cheaper, try the Cremant de Bourgogne Brut Millésimé from Les Caves des Hautes Côtes. The closest you can get to champagne without actually drinking the real thing. Product number 731401, NOK 136,-

The Champagne Blog up and running

Did you know..

….that the flowers on the cucumber plant smells wonderful?

Now you know. There will definitely never be any cucumbers on our balcony, but at least we have had the pleasure of some flowers with a very nice fragrance.

And you have also learnt that it is impossible to know what to expect on

Is that a good thing? Will I loose my regular readers if I start to write about stuff that is not about home media technologies?

I guess you’ll speak up if you hate posts like this?

Did you know..

Norwegian strawberries

The Norwegian strawberries are exeptional. Because of the relatively cold summer with much light the strawberries get very tasty and good here up north.

Still, large scale production does it best to destroy the whole thing. Now 90% of the berries grown in Norway are of the same type, Corona.

So much for diversity

The Corona berries are grown using fertilizers and all kinds of tricks to get them grow with no defects, grow fast and get big.

So much for the taste

Well, as I said, the Norwegian berries are exeptional, so despite these efforts to destroy one of natures wonders we can still enjoy quite sweet and tasty berries every summer. The reason for my irritation towards the large scale production is the berries on the pictures. They are grown by myself on our balcony. They taste like heaven and remind me of how real strawberries should be.

My tip to the Norwegian Asociation of Strawberry Producers (if something like that exist) is to start thinking about quality and give up the sensless focus on quantity.

Norwegian strawberries

Legal threats and the internet

And the price for the most stupid legal threat goes to restaurant Lehtovaara in Helsinki.

Herkko Hietanen is a lawyer specialized within IT-law. He had a very bad experience at the Lehtovaara and posted a letter to the restaurant after the unlucky visit. They did not answer, so Herkko posted the letter on his blog. A while later this letter is hit number two on Google if you do a search for the restaurant. So, the owner of the restaurant sends Herkko a legal threat demanding (among other things) that he should remove the letter from the web and pay him around 80 000 euro in damage.

Was that a smart move? I guess not. The case have already reached BoingBoing under the headline “Helsinki’s Lehtovaara: Crappy service and a bullying owner“. And, as Herkko states on his blog:

They apparently hadn’t done any background checks. I have taught law and technology in several universities, I am a founding member of one of the biggest cyber rights organization in Europe and have defended publicly digital freedom of expression. Do they really think that they have a winning strategy? I am sure that many people would have rushed to take down the content. Not me. I will see their bluff.

Lehtovaara bring it on!

If there existed a list of the five worst people to sue for a case like this, Mr. Herkko would be on it. Yes, bring it on! This could lead to some great entertainment!

“It is the opinion of us and our lawyers that you are fucking morons”
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Legal threats and the internet