How to program the buttons on your MCE Remote


Some of the Windows Media Center remotes has the ability to control other hardware in addition to the Media Center. The most common one is the one in this picture. On that one you can program the “TV”-button and the Volume-button. Most likely you would want to control the ON/OFF-function on your TV and the volume on your amplifier.

This is how you do it (from the MCE Remote Manual):

Update2: The manual is no longer available from Microsoft

Link to the manual (PDF).
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How to program the buttons on your MCE Remote

How to modify your Nokia headset to accept your favourite headphones

I am syncing my podcasts onto my mobile. I have found the perfect software MP3-player. The final step in my quest to make a good device for podcast listening out of my Nokia 6630. I am now modifying my Nokia Handsfree set to accept standard headphones. All I have to do is to open the little box containing the mic and mount a standard minijack connector.

By doing it that way I will keep both the mic and the button that lets you answer calls.

All the pictures in this guide can be clicked to give you a closer look. And, for readers in countries with stupid legal systems I will have to mention that I do not take any responsibility for you destroying your new hansdfee while trying to apply what I have described here. That said, if you have ever laid your hands on a soldering iron, this is as easy as drinking a good dry martini.

This guide was inspired by this post in the HowardForums. If you have an Ericsson headset that post will help you out.

Let’s start

Use a small screwdriver to open the cover. On my headset it was tightened with a small amount of glue. It was no problem to carefully open it without destroying it.

Open it carefully. You will clearly see the mic and the switch. The interesting stuff is on the back of the board. Flip it back carefully from the top.

Now you can see where the headphones are connected. The four cables are connected to points clearly marked: L+, L-, R+ and R-.

Pick up your soldering iron and remove the old headphones.

I used an extension cable for headsets that also featured a volume control with a small clip so that I can clip the device onto my jacket. This will let the mic be placed in a useful position as well. The pin layout for a minijack is: tip=left, ring=right, sleve=ground. You can of course use any female minijack. Just make sure you know what cables is left, right and ground.

I made a hole in the plastic to be able to insert the new cable. Solder the cable connected to the tip contact point to the place on the board marked L+, the cable connected to the ring to R+ and the ground cable to one of the negative connections, left or right. Here you can see that I have used L+, R+ and only L- for the ground connection.

Depending on what kind of cable there is on your new connection you might want to throw in a drop of glue at the spot where it leaves the box. You want it to sit tight so this baby will last through all the extreme sports you do while listening to the Engadget podcast on your mobile.. You might also want to use some drops of glue on the case itself.

It will clip nicely back together, but you know – that 360 mute grab on your new pair of skis might put some strain on your equipment…

Now I can connect my Creative Travelsound to transform my Nokia into a ghettoblaster. I can connect my Sony noise cancelling earbuds and I can even borrow my wife’s PortaPro and look cool in the park. Or, how about using an FM SoundFeeder to listen to whatever I want to from my mobile in my car?

The mic still works fine, and when using the phone as a …phone, all the people I talk to sound great as well!

How to modify your Nokia headset to accept your favourite headphones

How to close all programs on a Nokia 6630 or 6680

Quite often I get a stupid message on my Nokia 6630 telling me that there is not enough memory and that I should close some programs. With no task manager and no simple way to know what programs are running this is a very annoying message! But, there actually is a very fast and simple way to close all programs. Simply open the memory card cover and close it again. As you might have noticed the Nokia actually closes all programs when you do that (to prevent loss of data if you remove the card).

How to close all programs on a Nokia 6630 or 6680

How to include “Popular posts” in your sidebar in wordpress

Popular Posts

I just included an automatic “Popular posts” list in my sidebar.

It is a very efficient way to show your visitors other popular content on your site. It is automatic and does not need you to do any manual work after you have installed it.

This is what you do:

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How to include “Popular posts” in your sidebar in wordpress

Setting up SlimServer

Edit: I have just tried a product called ORB. And, my first impression: truly amazing! Register at Orb, install a free application on your media server and Orb lets you access your music, video, TV-Stations and pictures from wherever you are. No hassle. No opening of extra ports in your FW. No need for a static IP. If you want access to your media through streaming then Orb is something that you should consider. Not as flexible as SlimServer, but extremely easy to set up, and it gives you access to all your media.

Edit2: You can now read more about my ORB experiments here: Checking out ORB!

I am still amazed over the power of SlimServer. It is a very stable and user friendly tool that lets you stream your music to wherever you want. It is multi platform and it is free!

It works very well together with different standalone harware players, but can be used to stream your music to any networked computer as well.

So, here is a short guide to encourage you to try it out.

My attempt on an illustration to describe how it works (click the image to enlarge):

The concept:
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Setting up SlimServer

How to listen to podcasts on your mobile phone

I have a Nokia 6630 mobile phone. It has a memory card. It can play MP3. So, for me it is perfect for listening to podcasts.

Update: I have installed a third party MP3-player to enhance my listening experience. Link.

Update2 I have modified my Nokia headset to accept regular headphones.

You need:
1. A cellphone that can play MP3 and has a memory card
2. iPodder or a similar software
3. Windows Media Player 10
4. A card reader for the memory card of your phone

This is the basic concept:
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How to listen to podcasts on your mobile phone