My presentation from the Open Video Conference

I recently visited New York to attend the Open Video Conference. I was invited to take part of a panel discussing Public Media, Open Content, and Sustainability. But I also did a presentation during a session of lightning talks.

(No, Mr. Arnesen. This image is not HDR. It’s 5D Mark II + 15mm f2.8 fisheye + DXO Opticts pro + Lightroom, Photo: Eirik Solheim / licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Norway License.)

I had 7 minutes giving an example from one of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s experiments using YouTube and added some general thoughts on why we need to be the best provider of our content.

If you have attended any of my presentations during the last year or so this is known material. With only 7 minutes available I decided to put together some proven and tested stories. The story of Heinrich Stammler and a quick use of my now pretty well known image of a certain park in Oslo.

Martha Speiss recorded the presentation. You find it embedded below.

The Open Video Conference was an excellent event with lots of interesting sessions and huge amounts of brilliant people. They’re in the process of making everything available at the OVC web site.

My presentation from the Open Video Conference

Netcamp – And another gadget for your presentations

On tuesday I leave for Bucharest to speak at NetCamp. I like speaking at events like these, so I look forward to that, but I’ll also try to attend as much as possible of the rest of the conference. Including extremely interesting people like Hugh MacLeod of Gapingvoid and Rodrigo Sepulveda Schulz of

Depending on connectivity and available time I’ll try to post some updates during my trip.

And now. The gadget. An addition to the rest of the essential equipment for your presentations. The unbalanced stereo audio output on any laptop always provide you with a bit of noise. Enough to make it really annoying in big theatres with huge sound systems. You don’t want that noise in the speakers when presenting and unless the audio system at the venue filters it out it will be there as long as your laptop is connected.

This noise won’t go away if you turn down the volume or mute the laptop. As long as that unbalanced minijack is connected you’ll have the noise.

Now connect a small and very cheap external volume control. And you can pump up the volume to the max from your laptop and turn it down again on that external volume knob. Unless you need insane amount of volume you’ll be able to supress some of the noise with this method. The one in the image is from my favourite store in Oslo. Clas Ohlson. Geek store numero uno.

Netcamp – And another gadget for your presentations

What’s the problem with your employer?

Next week I am going to do a presentation at a big event for the IT industry in Norway. I am going to talk about new technologies, trends in social media and how consumers and employers gain more control.

About why you should let your employers blog. How IM and social networks can be important tools and so on.

Before I finish my presentation I would like to hear what my readers have to say. Do you have any stories to share?

Am I the only one with the “mailbox is over the size limit”-problem at work?

Are they banning certain sites or services?

Do you feel that you have the tools and flexibility you need?

Is it good for your CV to have a popular blog?

Any thoughts you might have!

You can be completely anonymous when posting comments here. There will be a lot of CTOs and CEOs in the audience. Let us teach them how we want to work.

What’s the problem with your employer?