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The video of the seasons in Norway

Update: I’ve made a new video of better quality images from 2008:
One year worth of images give some amazing videos

I have now uploaded a high resolution version of the index print as well: High resolution index print of 2005

The high definition version is now available here.

One Year in Norway

44 pictures taken out of our window at random times of the day and at random intervals through the year. When taking the pictures I have placed the camera up in the corner of our living room window at a place where it gets nearly the same framing for each picture. Because it’s only nearly I aligned all of them in Photoshop. Then I put them on the timeline in Sony Vegas Video. I strethced them to 5 seconds each and added a simple dissolve between all the pictures.


To align them in Photoshop you start with picture number one, put the next one on a layer above and makes it 50% transparent. Then you find a place in the picture that is as solid as possible and align the two pictures until you don’t have any “ghost image” around the solid parts.

Unalligned Aligned

Click the pictures to see the original screenshot from Photoshop. The first one (to the left) is not aligned. The last one (right) is aligned.

I have added the video to YouTube

Anyway, you can also download the video here:
Windows Media Video 9
Quicktime H.264

I have also made a 720p HD version of this video. It is actually quite nice to see it on my 37 inch LCD. The HD version is somethning that I could post on BitTorrent. Please comment if that is interesting.

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