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This blog is awesome!

To give this headline a tiny bit of credibility I must add that it’s not me that says this. Eirikso.com is awesome according to Blogvaria. So now I have to list five awesome blogs as well. There are some rules, so group blogs like BoingBoing, Engadget, TUAW and TechCrunch are out… And because this blog is in english I’ll choose blogs in english. Sorry loRdx, Sverkeli, Espen, Andreas, Iacob and all the others… Here we go:

1. Presentation Zen
Fantastic blog about presentation skills and design. Look out for priceless comparisons and links to fantastic content. Not to talk about very good lectures.

2. Thomas Hawk’s digital connection
Fantastic photography, strong opinions and a lot to learn.

3. Buzzmachine
Jeff Jarvis talks about the media industry. Still very high quality. Still huge amounts of thoughtful analysis.

4. Seth Godin
Marketing guru and master of telling things clear and simple.

Instead, like a million organizations before them, defending the status quo is far more politically correct than change. So they stand back and let dinky startups with no natural advantages run like crazy.

From It (almost) always happens this way

5. Micropersuasion
Steve Rubel on how technology is revolutionizing media and marketing.

Naaaaah. That wasn’t too original. Big well known high quality blogs. These are essential, but what about the up and coming? The not so well known? Okay:

1. Happygolucky
Mr. Arnesen switched to English and shares thoughts on travel, photography and the internet. Pretty personal blog, but a lot of true marvels in there. Mr Everest up close, fantastic kite images and insane travel descriptions.

2. web 2.?
Even Aas-Eng on marketing and new media. About interesting campaigns and important business.

3. Herrklein
Lasse Klein designs fantastic lamps and tells you about television screens.

4. The Digital Society
You’ll not be overloaded with articles, but when Francis D’Silva writes something it’s good!

5. Jill/txt
Jill Walker on how people tell stories online. And so much more.

And why on earth haven’t you mentioned the truly excellent blog of Mr. Oyvind Solstad? Brilliantdays. Well, he is currently too busy publishing his exellent stuff over at NRKbeta. But no matter where that guy moves you should follow him.

So, Arnesen, Aas-Eng, Klein, D’Silva and Walker. Now you have to list your favourites. And you don’t have to do it twice, like I did here.

There are so many good blogs out there. I share stuff I find as I read it in my Google Reader Shared items. And please comment with stuff you find valuable.