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This is Eirik Solheim’s prize winning experiment. I use this page to share information about media, marketing, technology, photography and stuff I find important. I have been running this page since 2003. And since I started using Statcounter in 2005 more than 2 million people have visited my site.

It is important that you understand that this blog is my own space. The opinions and content that I publish here should not be read as official opinions of my current or my former places of work!
Photo: Borut Peterlin / Mladina

I use it to experiment with web technologies and to get in touch with interesting and intelligent people from all over the planet.

I have read somewhere that the most successful blogs out there have many short posts. Well, will never be successful. I am going to keep on posting few, relatively long posts. Basically, I try to concentrate on quality, not quantity.

There are already insane amounts of information out there, why should I bother you with something that I didn’t find seriously interesting? If you choose to subscribe to my feed I will not overload you with posts. When something shows up, it should be interesting.