Happy new year!


Welcome to a whole lot of new readers and followers on Twitter. Due to the overwhelming success of my video showing 2008 in a couple of seconds.

So far the video has been viewed 1,087,240 times on YouTube. 10,312 ratings and 9,579 comments. On Vimeo it has 314,193 views. It has been aired at ABC in San Francisco and been featured on countless web sites and blogs. I’ll get back to the details about that video later. I’m learning a lot by following how it spreads through the net, what people comment about, how people use it an so on. Tuesday 30th was most busy. Giving 28,350 page views and 20,708 unique visitors to this blog. I cranked my Dreamhost PS up to 4 GB RAM for this period of time and it handled the traffic fine.

Wrapping up 2008 on eirikso.com. 252,828 Absolute Unique Visitors spending 1 minute and 40 seconds in average on my site. Since I started using Statcounter back in 2005 a whopping 2,090,757 people have visited eirikso. And according to Google Analytics this is my most popular articles in 2008 (you find the 2008 page views in parentheses):

1. The Media Center Software List (169,361)
2. Direct hit to eirikso.com (35,709)
3. Free high quality streaming of movies and tv shows (30,584)
4. One year worth of images give some amazing videos (21,457)
5. Test clips from panasonic hdc sd5 (13,079)
6. How to program the buttons on your mce remote (12,593)
7. HTPC frontend roundup (12,481)
8. Pandora plugin for windows media center (9,349)
9. How to completely reset your series 60 nokia mobile (7,880)
10. They stole an image of my son and just had to pay $4000 (6,467)
11. HDR-photography (6,239)
12. An impressive yet simple photographic effect (5,649)
13. Perfect adjustment of your LCD (5,600)
14. TVedia an amazing networked media frontend (4,922)
15. Home theatre PC links roundup (4,893)
16. Web browser for media center edition (4,824)
17. Record your pandora streaming radio (4,674)
18. Canon EOS 400D – experience after one week (4,418)
19. Highpad media control pda remote for windows media center (3,867)
20. Silencing an XFN GeForce 6600gt with a Zalman VF700cu (3,696)
21. How to make illustrations even if you can’t draw (3,635)
22. Test clips from Canon HF10 (3,563)
23. Recommended HTPC hardware (3,299)
24. HDR from one single image (3,275)
25. Time stopped at 10:09 (3,255)

What does this tell me? That pretty boring articles about Home Theatre PCs (HTPC) will give you traffic from Google for years…

Anyway, this is a nice place to give me directions for 2009. What do you want more of? Less of?

Happy new year!